Freight Forwarder Dimensioner

Freight Forwarder Dimensioner

Freight forwarder dimensioner

Freight forwarding is the coordination of shipments from one location to another. The shipments could be moved via one or multiple carriers, and the preferred route of transportation may be air, rail, marine, or highway. No matter the choice of carrier or means of transport, accurate dimensioning is an integral part of the freight forwarding process.

Because freight forwarding is premised on the cost-effective and efficient transfer of goods, having an automated freight forwarder dimensioner has become a necessity in these times. If you’ve been searching for the best dimensioning software for your business, you shouldn’t look beyond Cargo Spectre’s top of the line system.

What is a freight forwarder responsible for?

A freight forwarder is a vital part of the logistics and shipping value chain. Freight forwarding comprises a full range of services, including preparation of relevant shipping documents, booking cargo space, warehousing, negotiating charges, freight consolidation, and other related services.

To facilitate the efficient delivery of these essential services, freight forwarders need to accurately measure the weight and dimensions of parcels, freights, and cargo. Thus, freight forwarders who rely on automated freight dimensioners are unsurprisingly the best at their jobs.

It’s vital to note that freight forwarders do not actually move freight. Their participation in international freight forwarding is usually limited to acting as an intermediary between the shipper and the companies providing transportation services.

Still, they remain an indispensable part of the shipping and logistics value chain. Their relationship with trucking companies, rail freighters, ocean liners, air freighters, and other carriers comes in handy when you desire smooth transportation of goods locally and internationally. They also ensure exporters comply with all export documentation and shipping requirements.

How do you measure freight?

Another common question in the shipping industry is ‘how to measure freight?’ There is no overemphasizing the importance of accurate freight measurement when requesting for freight forwarding RFQs. The rate and final price the shipping company will send solely depends on your dimensions. And inaccurate dimensions may warrant paying excess money for your freight shipments or having to pay extra when you’re finally ready to ship.

Traditional freight forwarding dimensioning methods involved measuring the length, width, and height of shipments and multiplying the result. The weight is then measured using the available weighing scale. This format of freight measurement is not only tedious but typically rife with errors. If you want to get the best results, you should invest in an automated freight dimensioning system like Cargo Spectre. Computerized systems use 3D scanners, cameras, and non-proprietary scales to get the most accurate measurements.

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Do you need a state-of-the-art automated dimensioning system for your business? You’d be glad to know that Cargo Spectre’s automated dimensioner systems save logistics companies time and money by accurately calculating dims and weight in 3 seconds. Contact us today for the best automated dimensioning made easy. Visit or call (832) 463-0606.

Freight Forwarder Dimensioner

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