jewelry appraisals in Elon NC

jewelry appraisals in Elon NC

Your jewelry items are your prized possessions. Whether you have jewelry that you have had for some time or have inherited jewelry from a loved one, you may want to know how much it is worth. It is helpful to know how much your jewelry is worth so you can insure it adequately and take proper care of the pieces. Jewelry appraisals in Elon, NC are available to give you the information you need.

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

Jewelry appraisals in Elon, NC are professional assessments of your belongings to learn their value. Jewelry may change in value over time. You may want to know the current value for insurance purposes or to sell the items. In addition to providing you with the value of an item an appraisal will also verify the materials of the piece. It is important to know the type of metal that the piece of jewelry is made of and whether the stones are authentic. Diamonds are graded based on a variety of factors. The better the diamond the more it is worth.

How Long Does a Jewelry Appraisal Take?

Jewelry appraisals in Elon, NC typically don’t take very long. You can often get an appraisal for a single piece of jewelry completed in less than an hour. You may prefer to drop off your item to have it appraisal, especially if you have several or more items. It is important to obtain a written appraisal rather than a verbal one if you plan to insure or sell the item. The appraisal typically includes a detailed description of the piece of jewelry including both the metal material and the stone if there is one.

Does Jewelry Increase in Value?

Jewelry that is made with precious metals and gem stones will most often increase in value. Their value is typically based on the current market price of gold, silver or platinum. If the piece of jewelry has a gem stone it may also have increased in value over time. Diamonds may gain in value, especially if they are of high quality. Jewelry appraisals in Elon, NC should be completed by an expert who is able to view the piece under magnification and determine the materials that it is made of.

What Can I Do With My Old Jewelry?

Jewelry appraisals in Elon, NC may help you decide what to do with your old jewelry. If you no longer want the piece or need funds for another purpose you may want to sell your jewelry. It is best not to sell your items until you have a full understanding of their value. All too often people sell their jewelry for less than it is worth, sometimes because they don’t realize that the stones are authentic. A jewelry store that performs appraisals may be interested in buying your items once you have had them appraised. If you have old jewelry that you don’t wear or have a piece of jewelry that you inherited you may want to sell it so you can put the money towards something that you want.

jewelry appraisals in Elon NC

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