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Choose a manufacturing partner, not just a machine shop

We take our mission seriously to be a leading manufacturing partner to our customers. When you choose Mahler as your manufacturing partner you get over 40 years of experience on your side. We strive to build collaborative relationships with our customers to understand their needs and then over deliver against them.
Precision CNC Machining is our specialty but as your manufacturing partner let us show you how much more we can do.

CNC Machining

Our 19 CNCs provide comprehensive in-house capabilities to meet any precision machining need. From CNC turning to vertical and horizontal CNC milling to 5 and 7 axis mill-turn machining, our modern Mazak equipment can achieve complex geometries, maintain exacting dimensional accuracy and provide for efficient high-volume production.
Learn more about our Precision Machining Capabilities.

Rapid Prototyping to Volume Production

We are proud to support customers from ideation and prototyping through to production and into commercialization. We are here to support your growth.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

We offer our customers Design for Manufacturability (DFM) consultations on new and existing projects. We engage with your engineers up front to review design drawings for machinability, to advise on material selection and to confirm after machining finishing requirements. By engaging us in your design process we can suggest potential design changes to aid in cost effective manufacturing.

Quality Management System

Our proven Quality Management System is ISO9001:2015 certified and we have been ISO certified since 2004. Our quality process includes first article inspection, dimensional reporting, and material certificates of conformance. Our internal process can support any level of documentation requirements for our clients including First Article Inspection, Control Plans, Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Inspection on our Mitutoyo CMM.


Kanban Inventory Systems

Kanban inventory system for our customers guarantees on-time delivery, secures higher volume pricing and helps reduce customer inventory levels. If you have relatively consistent demands and trouble maintaining inventory ask about how our Kanban systems can help.

Assembly Services

We provide light assembly services as well as welding as required for our clients. Customers choose this when getting a finished and assembled component is important to cut down on order intake processing.

In-House Parts Finishing

We take pride in delivering not just on spec but aesthetically beautiful parts. Our highly rigid Mazak equipment is capable of maintaining excellent surface finishes but where desired we also have sandblasting, glass beading as well as vibratory polishing capabilities all available in house. If your parts require additional finishing we take care of that through our network of best in class finishing subcontractors.

Outsourced Finishing & Fabrication

We have decades of experience managing part finishing requirements and sourcing fabricated components. As part of our commitment to be a complete manufacturing partner for customers we can manage any pre or post machining finishing or fabrication requirements getting you closer to a finished part.

Learn more about our Broader Capabilities through our vetted outsourcing partners.

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