Precision Machining

Precision CNC machining is the core of Mahler and has been for 40 years. With our fleet of 19 CNC machines run by our experienced and tenured staff we can meet most any machining need from prototype work to large volume production. Utilizing state of the art Mazak equipment we are able to achieve complex geometries, maintain exacting tolerancing and dimensional accuracy requirements, as well as provide for efficient high-volume production. The diversity of our equipment can accommodate intricate small parts such as those used in medical devices all the way to large housings up to 84” in length.

CNC Turning

Seven Mazak CNC lathes ranging in size capable of turning parts up to 22.8” in diameter. Turning centers equipped with live tooling, y-axis travel and sub-spindles for done in one machining of even complex parts typically requiring multiple operations supporting efficient production, better quality and greater repeatability regardless of part complexity. Efficient high-volume production supported by various automation strategies including bar feeders, parts catchers and workpiece conveyors.

Number of Work Centers7 CNCs
Max TravelX: 13.38”    Y: 6.00”   Z: 42.12”
Max Swing33.26”
Max Machining Length40.35”
Max Machining Diameter22.84”
Max Bar Capacity4.59” spindle & 3.00” bar feed
Chuck Size8” to 15”
Max RPM6,000 Turning & 6,000 Milling

CNC Vertical Milling

Seven vertical CNC mills provide wide capabilities including highspeed milling, pallet changers for high volume production, high rigidity machines for tight tolerance work, and rotary 4th axes. All verticals equipped with in machine tool and part probing for maximum accuracy and repeatability and through spindle coolant for improved surface finishes and faster cycle times.

Large part machining capabilities up to 84” x 40” and 3,000 lbs.

Number of Work Centers7 CNCs
Max TravelX: 84.00”    Y: 40.00”   Z: 30.00”
Max Table Load3,000 lbs
Max RPM15,000

CNC Horizontal Milling

Two Mazak horizontal CNC mills equipped with pallet changers and four-sided tombstones support high levels of automation and lights out production capabilities. All horizontals equipped with in machine tool and part probing for maximum accuracy and repeatability and through spindle coolant for improved surface finishes and faster cycle times.

Number of Work Centers2 CNCs
Max TravelX: 27.95”    Y: 24.02”   Z: 25.98”
Max Table Load1,100 lbs
Max RPM12,000

5-Axis CNC Machining

One Mazak 5 Axis machine for simultaneous 5-Axis machining to achieve complex geometries with unique curvatures as well as positional 5-axis machining reducing setup times and combining multiple operations into a single operation. CAD/CAM software utilized for offline programing of complex geometries.

Number of Work Centers1 CNC
Max TravelX: 19.88”   Y: 19.88”   Z: 20.07”   B: 220°   C: 360°
Max Table Load440 lbs
Max RPM12,000 RPM

7-Axis Mill-Turn CNC Machining

Two Mazak Integrex mill-turns combine milling and turning into one 7-axis work center capable of done in one machining offering maximum repeatability and accuracy. Capable of machining complex geometries with high precision typically requiring multiple operations. Sub spindle availability to support part transfers where secondary operations are required on the rear face of a part.

Number of Work Centers2 CNCs
Max TravelX: 24.80”   Y: 9.84”   Z: 62.41”   B: 240°   C: 360°
Max Swing30.00”
Max Machining Length60.00”
Max Machining Diameter30.00”
Chuck Size12.00”
Max RPM4,000 Turning & 12,000 Milling

Manual Machining

In addition to our CNC equipment we have a full manual machine shop for secondary operations and prototype work. Our manual machine shop includes three lathes, a vertical mill, a radial arm drill, several drill presses, grinders, and an automatic hone.

Quality Control is at the
foundation of our machining capabilities.

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