Celebrating 40 Years of Precision Machining Excellence with New Brand Identity

Dec 15, 2023   |   Aaron Kennedy

At Mahler this year we are celebrating 40 years of precision machining excellence with the launching of our new brand identity and website. We are thrilled to announce our rebranding to Mahler Machining from Mahler Industries, a change that preserves our rich legacy while underlining our commitment to precision machining excellence. As part of this exciting evolution, we are also updating the company’s legal identity to align with our brand identity. Mahler Machining Ltd. has now replaced Bold Brass Designs Ltd. as our legal company name.

With the rebrand also comes our new logo. The Mahler M originally introduced in the 90’s, was reflective of design elements of the era featuring bold gradients and 3-D abstract triangles. Since the 90’s there have been significant advancements in precision machining technology and at Mahler Machining we have continued to invest in our equipment in order to offer our customers access to the latest cutting-edge technology. Just like our equipment has modernized it was time to modernize our logo. The new Mahler M features a minimalistic and monochromatic style consisting of sharp geometric lines and makes use of negative space to stand out. While our parts have always stood out from our competitors hopefully our logo will now too.

2023 was an exciting year of growth for Mahler, in addition to launching our new brand identity we:

  • Added Equipment with two new CNCs to expand capacity and extend capabilities. The new additions, a Mazak QT100MSY turning center and a Mazak VC500 vertical milling center, expands our machine count to 19 CNCs with the added capacity helping shorten lead times for customers. The QT100MSY complete with milling, Y-axis travel, and a second turning spindle enables production of complex parts typically requiring multiple operations to be machined in a single operation. Paired with a bar feeder and work piece conveyor the new turning center is equipped for automated and lights out production.
  • Grew our Team with 10 new team members joining Mahler Machining while simultaneously retaining all of our employees with tenures over 1 year
  • Made Investments on the production floor to enhance safety and productivity with investments in painting, lighting, overhead cranes and storage systems to improve organization and production flow
  • Welcomed 12 new customers this year who we are excited to continue growing with next year. The best compliment we can ever receive is a referral. Please ask us about our referral program where you can get a credit on your next order on a new referral.
  • Introduced a top tier benefits program honoring the second part of our mission which is to be a leading manufacturing partner for our customers and one of the best employers in manufacturing for our team
  • On track to deliver over 1,000 unique precision components (and over 165,000 parts total) in 2023

At Mahler our mission is to be a leading manufacturing partner for our customers and one of the best employers in manufacturing for our team. Get in touch with us and let us show you how Mahler can be Your Edge in CNC Machining. Request a tour of our Coquitlam BC based 20,000 sq ft facility and see our 19 CNC machines and world class team in in action.

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