Mahler Machining Featured in Manufacturing in Focus Magazine

Feb 2, 2024   |   Aaron Kennedy

We are happy to share Mahler Machining has been recognized with a feature in the January edition of Manufacturing in Focus Magazine! Our second feature in as many months after our recent feature in Canadian Metalworking Magazine. These recognitions reflect our 40-year commitment to precision machining excellence and being a leading manufacturing partner for our customers as well a leading employer in manufacturing for our team.

The feature highlights Mahler Machining’s world class team of machinists and cutting-edge fleet of Mazak CNC machines including our two new Mazak CNCs added last year. The article covers well how our team of tenured machinists consistently delivers leading quality metrics for our customers by owning parts from programming through set up and into production. Another reason why our Machinists love working at Mahler.

The article also delves into Mahler’s commitment to quality control, emphasizing the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) practices and final quality control examinations on our Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

The Manufacturing in Focus article speaks to our reputation for delivering precision machined components to leading OEMS across a diverse range of high technology industries, whetherprototype jobs or large-scale production runs with parts reaching the thousands per month. Industries such as robotics, clean technology, deep-sea submersibles, medical, aerospace, and in different natural resources sectors like oil and gas and mining.

We extend our thanks to Manufacturing in Focus Magazine for the story and to our brilliant team whose hard work and dedication are the reason for Mahler’s 40-year success story! At Mahler Machining we are committed to continuing to investing in the latest cutting-edge machining technologies, being a best in class employer for our team, and providing unparalleled service to our customers.

At Mahler our mission is to be a leading manufacturing partner for our customers and one of the best employers in manufacturing for our team. Get in touch with us and let us show you how Mahler can be Your Edge in CNC Machining. Request a quote for current our upcoming part needs or request a tour of our Coquitlam BC based 20,000 sq ft facility and see our 19 CNC machines and world class team in in action.

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